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If you are having a hard time getting approved for credit try Fingerhut. Fingerhut is known for working with consumers with less than perfect credit. The easy approval credit account can be used to rebuild credit if managed correctly and payments are made on-time.

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Buy now, pay later credit shopping. Over 30,000 trusted brand name products to choose from.
Reports to major credit bureaus giving you the opportunity to rebuild credit.
No annual fees, No overlimit fees & low monthly payments.
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Credit Score Needed

People who have been turned down elsewhere for credit may qualify for a Fingerhut Account. According to Fingerhut “4 out of 5 people are approved for a WebBank/Fingerhut Credit Account.” All credit types are welcome to apply but the recommended credit score needed for a Fingerhut account is 500 or higher.

Benefits of the Fingerhut Credit Account

Get a fresh start to rebuild your credit with the Fingerhut Credit Account. Fingerhut has been around since 1948 and has helped millions of people by offering easy credit and low monthly payments. Fingerhut offers over 50,000 name-brand items from the latest electronics to furniture and bedding, apparel, kitchenware, sports, baby items — you name it, they sell it. With Fingerhut you can potentially boost your credit scores over time.

Rewards of the Fingerhut Credit Account

There are no hidden fees with the Fingerhut account and this is unusual for credit cards designed for bad credit. Typically credit cards for people with bad credit can cost hundreds per year in fees which actually makes it more difficult to pay on time for some consumers. Fingerhut charges no annual fees and no application fees. Enter Fingerhut Sweepstakes by 9/30/2014 for a chance to win $10,000.

Why I Recommend this Card

Applying for a Fingerhut Account is quick and easy. You can have a decision in as little as 5 seconds and start shopping immediately. Rebuild credit with on-time monthly payments. On time payments will help your credit. Fingerhut may reward your good payment history with regular credit line increase reviews.

Drawbacks of the Card

There are really no major drawbacks to the Fingerhut Credit Account except that the APR is high. It is similar to other department store credit accounts in the mid-20′s. However, you can avoid paying interest by paying your balance in full each month. The Fingerhut account may not be perfect but is one of the few decent credit cards designed for people with poor, bad or limited credit. It can be a great credit building or rebuilding card without the high fees.

Credit Bureau Reporting

Your account is reported to multiple credit bureaus. By making your payments on time, you can build a good payment record and credit history.

  • Rebuild your credit with Fingerhut. Do it by shopping and making on-time payments.
  • Low monthly payments, trusted brands, no overlimit fees. Apply today and buy today.
  • Plus you could win $15,000 simply by purchasing.
  • Affordable Monthly Payments+
  • Reports monthly to the major credit bureaus
  • No Annual Fee*
  • No Over Limit Fee*

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